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Way Up

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The Not So Bad Story Read now

Оригинален текст

Got no patience, got that fuckin' dedication,
makin spanish bitches suck me no translation,
smokin loud make me look like I'm an asian
they call it drugs, bitch i call it medication,

Got that stop sign education
killin shit aint no fuckin hesitation,
livin' life like everyday I'm on vacation,
way up in the sky, feelin the vibration,


Came up straight up from the basement,
you lookin tuff but you know you chasin pavements,
yall too easy, i be movin with them lay-ups
im too cheesy, i be provin' shit for eight months,

where u wanna go,
who you wanna be,
imma go a long way,
imma just be me,
told er only hey,
now she want da D,

what can i do,
i just be swagin'
I'm fuckin yo boo

what can i do
i just be chillin',
she suckin' my woo,

I'm little but i got the power,
like I'm pikachu,

I'm chewin' a skittle, smokin' some sour,
that's sour by two,

i give a fuck about you,
i know some animals ain't talkin zoo,
they got no clue,
used to hate on me, now they in my crew,

im stickin to my words like glue,
why im better ? bitch you old, im new,



My outfit is misfit, i drill shit, i don't quit,
yo' bitch spit on my dick, she enjoys it, call it joystick,
we young but we so lit,
she thick but she not fit
they like me cuz I'm slick,
pull up with dat stick,

i ain't losin', losin' im'ma be the goat,
i be cruizin', cruizin' like I'm on a boat,
i ain't chosin', chosin' imma take them both,
i ain't tweny one, but I'm in savage mode,

lit a clipper, yo' hoe is a fuckin stripper, she pullin my fuckin zipper, she bit me so imma skip her,

flip flops with them long socks, smokin' moonrocks, hotbox with them loud packs, stacks on stacks, facts

they used to say I wouldn't make it,
now when everybody see me they just wanna shake it,
they used to say I wouldn't make it,
now the smiles I see on their faces i know they fake it.

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