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Friends forever

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

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I do not know what it would happen me to my without you,
Single I hope that you know it
And that you do not put the back to me,
I want a glance without words,
Because to be with you, is my shutdown

Friends we will be
As friends always we are
Friends are we,
Without painful words,
And although a word escapes,
We always have who it rescues us.
Because we are not like the others,
We have honors,
It honors it of the truth
And of not to the infelicity...

One of your words delivered you my soul,
Because of it loyalty we will have ourselves
And we will try not to get lost each other,
In the souls that try to cheat us,
But I know that they did not obtain it,
But they never obtain it managed to us to separate.

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