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Fall of the world

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

(To repeat)
There are persons that has everything and they Request more,
There are persons, who alone think if same,
For the persons only is Important the power,
There are persons of different types interest,
There are persons, who hate me,
There are persons with which I want be nice,
But they are too false for my taste…

I cannot live with hate,
Because is the worst thing that can have in the world....
It is bad, because it is something without colour
And with very much pain...

It makes you do things of which you might repent,
But the hatred I have it in the soul,
By things of my infancy and because of it,
Is my hatred … But I cannot avoid I suffer...

I want a just life for all,
Want a calm life
But without loneliness,
without hatred, but with honesty...

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