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S Club Juniors

S Club Juniors

Feel The Beat

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

Move on up
move on up
Tonight is saturday night
you wanna freak it but dont know how to funk it
and theres a new thing around
cause the discoe opens up in town
so baby move on up
get up on the dance floor
do your thing get down tonight
baby dont stop cause i can make you fly so high
can you feel the beat
it's coming your way gatta discoe to the top
so dont go away can you feel the heat
all over town when we discoe to the top now
I caught a glimps of your
eye and when where dancin we get into the right mood
so lets funky tonight
cause the dj's pumpin up the groove
We cant stop this feelin any longer
feel the beat and get down to the groove babe
we cant stop the music's getiin stronger now
let me take you high
can you fell the beat(feel it feel it)
otta discoe to the top(so dont go away)
can you feel the haet all over town
when we discoe to the top now
Chorus to fade

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