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S Club Juniors

S Club Juniors


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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

I feel you,every time my heart beats. and love grows stronger as the days go by. and u don't have to say that you love me. we're good together coz we're two of a kind.
and i,i need you to light up my life. i need you to keep me alive.
wherever you are,whatever you do. every breath that i take,i'll be thinking of me and you,wherever you go,u know your not alone. so hold on and be strong coz u know we're two hearts beating as one.
So close,there is nothing between us
with every beat,i feel you more and more. i always thought that true love was beyond me. but you brought heaven right to my door.
This is where you belong,because we're one and the same. (never be lonely) you are the reason i live,the reason i'll never be lonely again.
Wherever you are(wherever you are)
wherever you are(wherever you are)
Wherever you are,you know your not alone(you know your not alone(not alone) (woo-hoo!)

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