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I'm MattyB

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

(Verse 1)
People have been come up to me
Saying aren't you that 7 year old that raps ?
So I had to make a song to let everybody
Know what my name is
(Chours 1)
I'm MattyB!
Let me hear you say it one time...
I'm MattyB
(Verse 2)
And this ain't no nursery rhyme!
The ''M'' stands for making music all day long
Take for example the 16 I spit in this song
You know the ''A'' stands for all good - We amped up!
Turn the volume to the max, relax - That's whats up!
I got the double ''T''s holding me tacked to my words
I got that candy flow like a big box of nerds
I hear the music get to bumping I start thumping inside
Ay yo the ''Y'' stand for...
Y'all better recognize!
I ain't playing' no games - I'm here to bring chance
I'm literally lyrical at 7 - Strange for my age
The ''B'' is a beautiful thing - It's just ''B''
Like I'mma ''B'' what I wanna BE!
Rapping' and Drawin' - Just doing my thing
Ooohin and Awwwin cause I ain't googoo and gawwin
You coo coo if you ain't drawn to my song!
(Chours 2)
I'm MattyB!
Chyeah,I'm MattyB!
Ha! This MattyB!
And don't confuse me with Eminem!
My name stands by itself
Chyeah, I'm MattyB

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