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George McClure

George McClure

Playboy Swing

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Оригинален текст

Well, I'm a playboy, playboy on the run
The world is big enough for me and those girls
these girls are waiting for my love
well I became a lover without you

On my way back home
I am singing in the rain
And I can say
I really blow my mind away

Well now that I am thinking about you
I'm feeling blue 'cause I'm too far from home
There you are living day by day
The world it seems no good without your love


I'm a playboy, playboy gone back home
The world is big enough for me and my girl
My girl is waiting for my love
Well I became a lover boy with you

There is no wonder
I'm falling in love
And I can't stay without my love
Without my love
So take it away

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