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George McClure

George McClure

Windows Of My Mind

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Оригинален текст

Standing on the Window Of My Mind,
see the lovely things I left behind
standing on the brink of all time,
we'll all be angels in heaven by and by

In the first and second grades we would play
in the schoolyard said she'd marry me, Debby Fay

Standing on the Windows Of My M-m-m-m-mind,
we'll all be angels in heaven by and by

Later I roamed the world a time or two,
looking for someone special, just like you
I gambled for gold in Norway, hiked Austra-li-yee
I watched the spout of the humpedback whale at sea

I run the powdered gold through Mexico
learned the Spanish tongue so it's told
Coming n-north to Houston, crossing El Rio Grande,
caught by the border guards like Vietnam

After I roamed the world a time or two,
I come back home to Georgia, and you
I hugged you in my arms again, and kissed your pretty lips
I felt your breath upon me in the mist

The clay was cold on my fingers in the soil
but I had to see you once again just as before
It's five years since she's gone, they told me,
in a crash on Route 7 with a tree

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