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George McClure

George McClure

Mis Pensamientos

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Оригинален текст

Si quieres la verdad
he amado muchas mujeres,
pero solo tu, solo tu
permanece en mis pensamientos

Quando los cielos, se vuelven frio y gris
y las palomas esconden sus cabezas
y las noches son largas y frias
y la lluvisna goteo, de los arboles

Springtime, Sonora, in Old Mexico
lemon yellow is the color of the sunlight and sunlight is gold
the creosote bush growin, the cactus is swollen
with the bountiful rains and the snow from the mountains above

I ride out far, in the desert we go
climbing the trails through the brush and the arroyos
steadily higher, but soon we grow tired
I turn my eyes o'er the valleys and vista below

CORO [Canción]
Le amo cariñosamente
prometió de encontrarme
en la vereda de San Jacinto
"Mucho cariño, mi corazón"

Fourty and sixty and... eighty and more
miles I see deep in the Territory of Old Mexico
the buzzard is glidin', and I see beside him
the canyons and washes, los arroyos, las lomas of home

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