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David Johnstone

David Johnstone

Time To Walk Away

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The Not So Bad Story Read now

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Its time to sober me up
I’m addicted to all this pain
Another dose of it now
Into my veins

I feel uncertainty when
I’m outside of my comfort zone
I’m feeling just so useless
I guess this doesn’t help

I feel a change at a distance
A positive existence to

Getting up without approval
This happiness is unusual
Change is something that I’ve learnt
Its common place to feel weightless
Sometime’s I really felt nameless
Till I had to say its time to walk away

I was locking myself away
My doors and windows are all closed up
This room is getting too cold
And I’m choked up

I’m sitting here in this chair
With trouble it’s all around
I need to come down to earth
Head out from the clouds

Inside my mind
Deep down inside
Inside my mind
Debating all my decisions
Deep down inside

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