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Flying into love
Straight out of nowhere land
Across from me right now
Is something that we had always planned

It was the night before
Couldn’t shut my eyes
But in Hidalgo
It was likewise

Waited months to hold
You close and hold your hand
We’re feet apart right now
Falling deeper down just like quicksand

Hard to watch days go past
Waking up together at last
Won’t be long
Our love it will outlast

Distance makes my heart, go
Go, crazy
Like nothing I’ll forget, no
Going crazy

The last time that I held your hand
Held you tight just once again
I’m kinda loosing my mind
Going crazy

Next time around
I’m not letting go
Today forever
Then tomorrow
I’ll love you more
No matter where you go

I’m going crazy
Without you now
I’m going crazy

I’m going crazy
Without you now

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