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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

To all the homies out there…if you’re in a restaurant, a bar, or a club…just holla at your waitress!


We pull up in the Benzes,
Custom Prada lenses,
Reserve three tables,
For us and your ladies,
And everybody’s faces,
Stare cause we be famous,
But I’m low on patience,
So I wonder, where the fuck is my waitress?

[Verse 1]

You’re the reason why I step up in the place,
Why I rent out all the V-I-P-s,
Why I spend every one of my checks,
Because of you my girl’s now my ex,
You seen the effects you have on my mates?
It isn’t complex, you’re just breaking necks,
Shall I lead to the sex AKA the climax,
Or you wanna see what I’ll do next?
How about this…
Dom Perignon and a bottle of Patron,
Have a shot with me, come the fuck on,
I’m addicted to you – waitress syndrome,
You’re turning me on,
See you’ve got class, tits and ass,
No one can surpass you on the atlas,
Khalas, no more waiting for the bus,
Cause tonight is the night you ride in my S-Class.


[Verse 2]

It’s fun to see the fellas on the other tables,
Getting jealous cause we be trillionaires,
Their girlfriends already in despairs,
But does it look like Majestic really cares?
Bitch keep your prayers for the man upstairs,
There’s only one chick I’ll permit downstairs,
Actually, let’s fuck off you and me,
Party won’t d-i-e, luckily I came with a homie…

(Bate Sa)

Hommie! GOT YA BACK - Бутилката в ледарка!
Сервитьорката дали не извади дупарка?!
Гледат ни онея, щот скандално купонясваме!
Заради нея всяка вечер се натряскваме!
Сипи до горе, бейби! Телчето дай шано!
По тея чаши гледай как свирим на ПИЯНО!
Искат да са с нас, ама пичаги сорка!
Majestic, Бате Са и "МОЯТА СЕРВИТЬОРКА"!


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