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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

Wanna see you
Wanna feel you
Wanna heal this heart in me
‘Cause you can set me free in you just
Choose to be with me
When I feel your body next to mine I’m me again

The sky
And I
Tonight we’ll cry again for your smile

The sky’s cryin’
And I’m callin’ out to your heart

Wanna touch you
Wanna feel you
I have almost lost my mind
And I was born to fly
But you got me crawling on the ground
Yet I crave your body next to mine
Och, baby girl

I’m fading away, baby you broke my heart
All my hopes are lost, I’m going through my darkest hours
Like a rush of blood bursting through the skin
I prepare to leave my body, ready to give in

The sky
And I
Tonight we’ll cry again for your smile

Those tears
Are clear water
And we all will fall to the ground

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