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U. D. O.

U. D. O.


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Оригинален текст

Raised from the glowing ashes of cauldron iron
The Phoenix arose from the sanctum of metal
Emerging into the light

So many hard times
So many bad lies
A man of steel
You know Im real

Evrything I do
Im taking all control - its my heart
You know its how I feel
So stick it in your mind - now youre mine

Time - its time Im taking over
And crank it up in overdrive
Ill tell you why

You know Im holy
So fking holy - raise your hands
You know Im holy
So fking holy - pain and pride

So many places
So many aces
I made a curse
I gave you birth

Ah - glorious metal times
The master of our lives - never died
A special kind of force
Together no remorse - youll be mine



Burning on overload
Legends wont die
No cross - no burdens to control
No asking why



The master never dies


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