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The Saint

The Saint

The Rejects

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Оригинален текст

The outcast. The Rejects
What? You saying that I’m gonna be next?
But I already know, give me a sec
Rap is a game much like chess
What while I put you in check
Kill your king, bro, you just got wrecked
Show you up. I beat you in this contest
Wait a minute, you said it was complete
Yall back up, I’m mischievous
Yall pack up, Imma Deviant
Yall see me, yeah, I’m feeling it
And the music, yeah, I’m killing it
So, I’ll wait a moment while I’m here
‘Cause I think that it’s only fair to give the beat it’s time to share
Lemme shoot some rockets, rap rockets
Explode some rhymes, you you got it
And I won’t steal bars, no pickpocket
But I’ll rip some arms out their sockets
If they want to fight us, we’ll rock it
‘Cause I am the Saint, the rap Prophet
If you throw me in a cage, don’t just lock it
Tie me up use chains made of iron
Do you think I’m trapped? Do you buy it?
Nah, I’m not, so don’t even try it
‘Cause I’ll get my bow like Orion
I’m not afraid. Watch me knock it
And I’ll fire away, you’re my target
Hit your heart man, that was a hard hit
You proud? I’m smiling with the face lit
But scared, you think I’ll make it?
Of course not, are you serious?
You dont like me, yeah, I’m feeling it.
I don’t like me, yeah, there it is
Shadows like me, so I carry them
Run at light speed, man, I can’t resist
Carry darkness, watch it exit
Out my life. See you’re infected
Where’s my life, see, yeah, it don’t exist
So, I think I wear a mask
Like Killers, clowns, and Bureaucrats
But I can’t be fake, can’t handle that
But I’m a human, not a lab rat
So I can’t decide which one is fake
Is it going to be David or the Saint?
Which is going to be truth or the mistake
Which one will give while the other takes
Which is the mask I show the earth?
Am I defined by rap, what is my worth?
Please tell me, is rapping my turf?
Or not, what’s the reason for my birth?
So you ask, “Why do you fear yourself?
There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”
But you know that I can’t expel
The way I feel about my---
What just happened to me
Since when did I care what you’re thinking of me
Since when have I been what you want me to be
Since when have I been what you wanted to see
Do I care. Nah. I’m shouting with glee
At the prospect that you just set me free
To be me, through rap.
I’m that “foul beast”
Disrupting the game
Don’t call it sleak

I’m explosive, hear me roarin’
I’m flowin’ and goin’
Corrosives the rhymes that I’m rolling
And showin’
Your goin’ to be important to me
You’re hearing my beats
It's something to see.
I’m explosive, hear me roarin’
I’m flowin’ and goin’
Corrosives the rhymes that I’m rolling
And showin’
Your goin’ to be important to me
You’re hearing my beats

The Misfits. The Rejects.
We’re outcast, don’t expect less
Or more, did I already say that?
Wait, no, but you already got that
You got that, I got that.
He got that, she got that
We got that, they got that
I got to stop, I got to rock
Can’t see me fall, you’re gonna mock
You’re gonna mock, but I’ll sock you in the face
If you say
I’m useless
I’ll shock you in the brain
It’s just a taste
Of the way
I’m spittin’ pain
Upon your day
Up all the way
All right okay
I think I’m safe
You think you’re safe
Pick up the mic
We’re gonna fight
You’ll see my might
You see the light
You didn’t die
Okay, alright
You will be fine
It isn’t time
for me to quit
Or stop my rhyme
So give a sign
I’m doin fine
You can’t deny
I’m on the Rise
I’m on the rise!
Super Human rapper, I’m throwing daggers out of my hands
And lasers out of my eyes. I’m serious, no comic sans
Not speaking quiet, don’t Hush just go up and speak my man
It’s the rapping Legacy, give a Scream. Get up and stand
Heartbreak, it’s heart rate
You gave me heartache
See it in my face
Ruinin’ my day
Watch what you say
Wait, whatchu say?
You goin’ my way
You doin’ my way
Enterin’ the fray
I’m saying no way
Screw it, I may
Lose it. You ‘kay?
Tired, mate?
I’m energized
‘Cause I’m a baller like timmy buckets
My rhymes so cold, they’re permafrost
Freezing up the rapping prophets
Showin them all just who is the boss
Some mumble and jumble their words, what of it?
Blah Blah Blah Blah Their words are lost
But what do I know, the rejected Prophet?
I’m only here to help out the lost



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