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Sweet November

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Why do we stay together, even if we’re not happy? Read now

Оригинален текст

[Verse 1]
Jesus called me collect last night
It took all of me not to answer it
Daddy warned me the perils of play
Hard to deal God's standards
Flying high and fearless baby
I've kissed death a thousand times before

[Hook x2]
Remember me for who I was not who I am
I'll pray you'll never understand this
Sweet sweet sweet November

[Verse 2]
Heard you fucking with Tommy again
Remember where that landed you last time
That nigga don't really love you girl
He just fucks you every night it's his past-time
Blind eye and the feel is dark and
You two might just do it raw tonight
Heaven help if he leave you girl
Hope you bought two new thongs this time

[Hook x2]

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