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Sonny & Cher

Sonny & Cher

Little Man

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Оригинален текст

Little man, when you stand by my side
then i know i don't have to hide from anyone
and i pray that we'll stay just that way
till the day comes along when we catch the sun.
little girl you're runnin'
come catch my hand i'm near you
little girl you're singin'
come close to me i hear you
you're growin' old, my mother's cold
now you've learned what it meant to be mature
there's no such place as make believe
but when i look at your face,
i'm not so sure
You and me is what i see
and that's the way its gonna stay and it will always be
so little man, please understand
in this world with all its land
you're all i see
[chorus x2, fade]

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