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I've Been Waiting

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

Yeah, you know who this is
S.A.S., Streets All Salute, yeah (yeah)
I've been the boss for years
U.K. stand up like you lost your cheers

Verse 1
I hear the crowd in my ear, loud and it's clear
Listen now, I been bringin' it down for some years
Mega loungin', no, I sell a thousand
Of mixtapes, disgrace, better than your albums
You can see we upset, please give me respec
Billboards, movies, geez, I ain't see a check
Times that I'm countin', my rhymes yo they doubtin'
I swear, over here it's like I'm climbing a mountain
D.A., websites, grindin' and countin'
Man chat my name, get slain, I'ma out them
No rapper's as true as me, what you faggots can do to me
You just mad cuz we're on Diplomatic Immunity
Been tryna stay outta beef, make some paper
What happened, I got into beef that made the papers
Last thing, I'm a teacher, I earth these bastards
So when I take 'em to school I hope they learn a lesson
That I've been

(Waiting for something to happen)
For how long
(For a week or a month or a year)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
(Let the blood and the ink of the headlines)
And what
(And the sound of the crowd in my ear)

Verse 2
I've been waiting so patiently
So let's wait and see if there's another spitter great as me
From London to New York, I'm back again for the sake of this rapping thing
And in the states, your boy Mayhem was trafficking
Crack cocaine, brother I had cash to bring
And any dude in our way we were smashing 'em
So keep thinkin' it aint' a gun wit' a ax my friend
See rap ain't just spittin' hooks and flows
Met Jim in one year, nigga shook the bloke
Cuz they was waitin' in Britian and spittin' gave me more fame
Now I livin' is different from pitchin' off that raw 'caine
Dipset, Eurogang, Fedayeen regime
We're that movement that'll lean ya team
Pay respect to every hood that I been and seen
Call me ashy, I need the cream
I've been patient


Streets All Salute (Uh-huh)
Should've never let us in the game
It's all over now, yeah
Killa Cam, Juelz, Jim Jones, Freekey Zeekey
Hold ya head man (Pox, super A&R)
Eurogang, Fedayeen regime
You know how we're doing it
Yeah, and from this point on we're taking over everything
We're gonna have mixtapes on the streets
(Mixtapes around the world)
Videos on every music channel
We're everywhere (London Boys)
Yeah, Dipset Eurogang

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