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It Can Be Done

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

It can be done
If u want it done
Sift right from wrong
Slow, steady and strong
To ride the storm

Sure can be done
All night and morn’
No need to mourn
Cos it can be done
If you are up at dawn

All can get done
If u ride the storm
And don’t get worn
Or flee the war
To eat the scorn

Oh, it can be done
Wake up at dawn
Walk up the lawn
Stay cool and calm
Welcome the sun

Believe it can be done
As many have shown
In riding the storm
By dusk and dawn
To wear the crown

Lord’s work be done
It may not be warm
Cheek be in tongue
There may be no song
But it can be done

It can be done
Lord’s will be done
Evil never be borne
Good shall overcome
Till thy kingdom come

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