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S Club 8

S Club 8

Mmm I Like

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

Frankie:I like
All:mmm I like
Hannah:oh oh yeah
All:mmm I like
Daisy:I like
Vs 1
Hannah: baby,
I new at once
Daisy:the way
You looked at me
Frankie:I think u now
What I feel for you
Calvin:so tell me
I'm all you need
Hannah:cus when
Your next to me
Stacey:I wanna spend
My time with you
Frankie and daisy:the
Way you looked into
My eyes and every
Time you smile
Chorus all:
Anything you do
I like
Everything with you
I like
You no how to do it rite
And you make me feel
So yeah-eh-eh x2
Sing intro
Vs 2
Daisy:baby it's
You and me
Frankie:I no we
Are ment to be
Rochelle: cause you
Were there just wen
I needed u baby
Hannah:you set
Me free
Aaron:and all you
Do for me-he
Jay:I wa-a-nna
Give it all to u
Hannah and jay:
Sing bridge
All: sing chorus
Sing intro
Vs 3 tlk it
Hannah: the way you
Look in to my eyes
Daisy:and everytime
You smile
Frankie: sings
Daisy:oh oh oh oh
Baby bay-e-a-beh
All chorus:x2
Hannah:mmm I like!

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