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In A Bad Way

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

see you walked in and i know i cant even front girl i want u to death and theres nothing to stop me girl i really want more than your conversation see cause i maybe young but i know im not about to walk away from this me and u moment dont u understand dont be the reason theres someone between us girl

hook:im likin your game lets play it my way just because young doesn't mean i dont know how to play besides girl you got me in a bad way girl and i dont mind i dont mind losin might even let u win cause sometimes even a real brother has to say besides girl u got me in a bad way girl and i dont mind

see your laced head to toe lookin good as hell in them jeans with a body lookin like u need a friend in me aint even gots to say cause today little o has come here to show the kinda ghetto luv that u aint seen be4 oh no make your mind up dont judge me cause im going play a game likin


bridge:you had me on the worst but now im comin back im not afraid of losin girl yeah its how u play the game and ima play like a man 1 on 1 with u 2night u see its u thats gone winnin its a once in a lifetime thing so if you play it play it right this game is just bout fantasy 2night playit my way oh oh oh im young

hook:til song fades out

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