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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

All Stars Ablaze
Things will change for the better
Just like seasons change with the weather
The rain will pass
But my dreams won’t last
And my soul is starting to scatter
Dreams of flying over the rainbow
Catching stars, escaping the gallows

Sliding fast, we been cast
In roles that left us so hollow
All my tears, gentle spears
Piercing through my heart
All my fears, my final frontier
Piercing through my soul

All the stars are shining
Through the silver lining
Reach and see them burning down
All those eyes are gazing
All them stars ablazing
See them crash into the ground

Things will change for the better
Elders bicker over the weather
Their rain has passed
Their dreams will last
And my soul is finally scattered

Chasing clouds but the rainbow’s
Colors brought me sadness and sorrow
Eyes of glass, my life has passed
Where’s my soul and where is tomorrow?

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