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Like A Storm

Never Surrender

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You put a wall in my way and I'll break it
You got something to say
I can take it
Did you think that a few little words would
Take (me)
Break (me)
I don't care

I still believe
There is something here for me
As long as I breathe

No, I will never surrender
No, I will fight forever
No, there is no turning back from here
I will never surrender

I've given way too much to just give up now
Stood up too many times to just
Fall back down
And all the shit that I'm facing now
In the end I can say
I've made it through hell

I still believe
There is something here for me
As long as I bleed
As long as I breathe
I will be free

No, there is no surrender now
You will never break me down
I will stand in the face of fear
I will never surrender
Never surrender

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