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Оригинален текст

Hustle hard
Hitting up in the gym
With my muscle
Heading to my car
And getting my seat belt to buckle

When someone makes you rap
By the joke
You chuckle
Grabbing my friends
For the game of cards to shuffle

Beasting myself to the boxing area
To wrestle
Heading to my bed
With my brother to cuddle

Increasing my attitude
From being bad to be good
Turning 18 next year
My life will be from my childhood
To adulthood

Watching a classic movie
Called Robin Hood
I live in my grandma's house
In the neighborhood
I am from New York
That's the boy in the hood
Riding on my airplane
To take a trip to Hollywood


Showing my spirit
To give thanks to God
For making me feel blessed
Brushing my teeth
And putting lotion and deodorant on
And putting on my clothes to get dressed

Making myself comfortable
To get myself some rest
I can play bowling and basketball
To show you I'm the best

Waking up in the morning
To eat some breakfast
If you want a driver's license
You need to pass the road test


Don't let everybody make your life miserable
Their life today is nothing but negative, rude and horrible
Treat yourself and make your life memorable
Getting good grades in school
Makes you honorable
Focus on you man
Their negativity brains are predictable

People are making and treating you
Like a bad criminal
That doesn't give the fact
That you are kind and original
Describe yourself in school
That you are smart and digable

Don't give negativity people another chance
Their apology is unforgivable
The people are not right for you
Their lives are unoriginal

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