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Johnny Bristol

Johnny Bristol

Hang On In There Baby

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

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Hang on in there babyjohnny bristolwords & music: johnny bristolhmmm! hmmm! yeah! oh! baby! hmmm!hang on in there baby (give me love tonight)don't be afraid baby (oooo)you know we can't help but make it ooh my loveyou know we can't help but make itnow that we've caressed a kiss so warm and tenderi can't wait till we reach that sweet moment of surrenderoh we'll hear the thunder roar, feel the lightning strikeat a point we'll both decide to meet at the same time tonighthang on in there baby, hang on in there darlingi'm gonna give you more than you ever dreamed possibledon't be afraid baby (oooh no) sweet virgin of the worldyou know we can't help but make it'cos there's true love between us girlhmmm! so let us touch that cloud, that everyone dreams ofoh! we're almost there darling truly making lovehang on in there baby, please don't let me downplease don't destroy this new joy<instrumental>what's that now baby, what's that you saysomething's eating at you and it's hard to get away (hard to get away)oh don't fight it baby just open up the door'cos that's the key to the freedom that we've both been working forlet it go baby, let it go darling, oooh! right there, right therebaby don't you move it don't you darego baby let it go honey oh right there baby don't you move it anywheregive it a stand (x3) up now fashiongive it a jump (x3) upgive it a jam (x3) give it a pullgive me a love (2) give me a little love(hang on in there baby, hang on in there darling)hang on in there now (i'm gonna give you more than you ever dreamed possible)hang on in there darling(hang on in there baby) hang on in there baby(please don't let me down) hold it down(please don't destroy this new joy)new joy (we've found) new joy we've found

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