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J Prophet

J Prophet

All I Need

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Оригинален текст

Verse 1:
Lord it’s me. I’m bowing at your throne.
I’m trying to pay you back for all the mercy you have shown.
But that is so impossible; I just cannot do it.
You showed me love even when I acted stupid
Held me down right when I was ‘bout to lose it
Smarten me up ‘round the time I’m being foolish
I’m supposed to listen to you. I know I’m a nuisance
How, why do you do it?
Life is so hard – Nah stop using excuses.
I say I have faith now it’s time for me to prove it
Lord show up. Temptations too much.
Thorns too sharp the road too rough
The journey too rugged I’m calling for your help.
I am but a man. I can’t do it myself.
I cry. I sweat. I bleed.
My God you’re all I need.

Don’t need money
Don’t need clothes
Only need Christ
Ain’t worried ‘bout foes
Bow at your altar
Fall to my knees
I surrender everything
You’re all I need.

My God My Father My God (4x)

Trapped by evil
Fallen so low
Bound by sin
Lost in the world
Lord have mercy
You should say “No”
But You show up how you love me so.
Oh, You’re so good to me.
You are all I need.

Verse 2:
The world be blinding me and I can’t see
I changed so much I feel like I ain’t me
The Lord should be in charge but I drive me
And for some reason I put Him in my backseat.
I fail. I am so frail. So weak like a ship without a sail.
My spirit’s willing, but my flesh is weak.
The enemy can sense it so he brings extra heat.

I fall I crawl I call
On God so tall my all
So afflicted
So conflicted
Just trying to act in faith
And follow His script it’s

My God My Father My God (4x)

(Hook )

Verse 3:
Jesus You’re my everything
You bring more joy than anyone else
Could ever bring
Even though I lose hold
You always are here
Never leave me in the cold
Sold I am you know you got me
Hold my hand ‘cuz Satan trying to rock me.
He be setting them snares.
Get blinded by the glare
But I know You’re there
I be trying to trust You
I be trying to trust You
Then I lose patience
And I be trying to rush You.
But You are in Your own time
And all I need to know is that the Victory is mine.
And lo, He’ll last forever
Things work together
For good to them that love the Lord.
But I’ve been…


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