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J Bert

J Bert

Love Her

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Оригинален текст

I swear, I swear I would love her, til the day that i die,
I would love her. X4

She was there when i was sick, sleeping there when i was heal,
Got my money and more problems, nigga trynna get it out there for the bill,bill.
Babygurl walley it up, Dive it up, making money and we stack it up.
I won the lottery, look at my bae',
One of the kind, These niggas are hating
She’s amino , beautiful baby love,
She was my enemy now she my energy,
She got that attitude, just like Cardi B,
little bit funnier, better than Natalie.
She’s a part of me, everyday got to be!
She wanna ride the wave, every morning any state. Got chu bae you’re are my ride or die, Bestfriends, Haters will slack n die. Look at baby you so fine and right, Blessings. Y’all niggas clap and watch

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