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Hope Music PH

Hope Music PH

Song of the Redeemed

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Оригинален текст

Covered by the power of Your love
Humbled by Your creation
Amazing grace, endless love
You never fail me

Sin and shame all cleansed and gone
I never ever have to worry
You gave Your only Son for me
To live in Your glory

And oh---
I surrender it all to You
And oh---
I will live my life for You

You are the God that I will worship
You are the God that I'll be calling
No matter what they say, I will worship You
You are the God that rescued me
The One who gave it all for me
You are unchanging God, unchanging God
How awesome is, How awesome is Your love

Your blood has set me free
Your love has ransomed me
Your grace has chosen me
I am alive, I am alive!

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