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G-Eazy, Carnage и 24hrs

Down for me

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She got a body like Rihanna
Double rice at Benihana
Uptight, but drive a Honda
She was the only one down for me
She got an ass like her momma
She said she not with the drama
You get her number, better call her
She was the only one down for me, whoa, oh, oh
She was the only one down for me
(She was the only one down, yeah
Only one down, only one down)
She was the only one down for me
Uh, stay loyal and stay down
By my side, every night when I lay down
She would always pick me up when I break down
I knew her secrets, we both from the same town
She had everythin' that I need
But half of my lifestyle was high speed
She wants Netflix and chill and to light weed
She wants marriage and one day, my seed
Uh, but I'm movin' at light speed
And distance is stress, not what I need
FaceTime's, only when I see her face on live feed
Worlds apart so it's harder to succeed
Yeah, but true love is true pain
I felt like Bruce Wayne, then bolt like Usain
Had a hard time adjustin' to new fame
My life ain't the same since the day that you came, yeah

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