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I Spy

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Оригинален текст

Don't try to disappear in front of me
i know that you don't really want to see
my face when you escape
my reaction to your actions
but believe me, you'll love my magical concoction

you can't run
and you can't hide
i can see you everywhere
because, well, i spy!
you can't run
and you can't hide
you are not invisible
because i spy
I'm like a detective
i'm like a secret agent to you
don't even think of escaping
coz i've got a secret that you always knew
you knew it
it's nasty
you still know it
it's tasty
you want it
well, you got it
baby what do you think
(chorus x2)
I spy
with my little eye
you and i
that's what i spy
i spy
with my little eye
(chorus x2 to sudden stop)

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