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Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

You should hear what they're sayin' about you
You should see the way they talk behind my back
They say that you found another
and that you're gonna leave
But you wouldn't do that to me, so

Say it ain't true,
The things that they've been sayin'
They say that you found someone new
But don't break my heart (don't break my heart)
'Cause your baby never looked good in blue
Your baby never looked good in blue

In the mornin', starin' into your eyes,
Your eyes look everywhere,
everywhere but mine (everywhere but mine)
And, darlin',
I've got a feelin' that the tears are gonna start
And losin' you would tear my world apart, so


Tell me (tell me) you still love me
Show me (show me) you're still mine
Don't tell me there's somebody new
'Cause you don't wanna see your baby cry

No no no no no


Your baby never looked good in blue
(repeat and fade out)

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