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The Same Love

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Оригинален текст

You and me, we had a love that was forever
that's what i thought and i can still remember
words we said, we said we'd always be together
then why am i alone tonight?
Something changed
and now, you just don't feel the same
i'll never understand
how can the same love
that made me so happy
make me so sad?
i don't understand
how could the same eyes
that used to be laughing
cry in the night?
it doesn't seem right at all
Remembering the nights we held onto each other,
the times you told me you'd never love another
(remember when) i was all you ever needed
where are you when i need you now?
Sunny days
have left me standing in the rain (standing in the rain)
can somebody tell me how?
Was my heart so blind i couldn't see?
was i a fool to believe the promises you made to me?
what went wrong?
oh, what went wrong?

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