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Деси Слава

Деси Слава

You're the love

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Why do we stay together, even if we’re not happy? Read now

Оригинален текст

How I`m so foreigner for you,
my only love, my presious love.
I know this virsion this beautiful life,
with lonlieness is feel is not in my heart.

Pay for love from kiss, but I`m buy,
I know this end but remember of dates.
Came to me and don`t life to cry,
if bring this love in I don`t to my life.

A rich of my haste touch your hands
and the open my eyes see your face.
I`m open my eyes to see your smile,
come back to me, you`re the love of my life.

How I`m so foreigner for you
my darling, my sweet.
My heart is wondering for you
and cry for your love.

Even take me faraway,
somewhere to be, to be with you.
You`re the more some rose,
I love you, love me.


Текстът е добавен от Lara_Croft

участва в албуми: Деси Слава - Ези - тура (2000)

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