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Davide Johnstone

Davide Johnstone

Lost in Love

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Оригинален текст

Climbing out of this
Trying not to drown I pull myself apart
I’m the talk of town
Dig into my past again
A work of art

Shattered now at the seams
Where do we possibly start
Damaged but strong enough
To hold and not fall apart

Nothings right time will heal
Every wound thats eating you
Times are tough
Life goes on
but you will slowly get through

Lost in love
We are absent
We forgot to replace
The things that we said
La la lost in, la la lost in love

Visible in love
Placed and here to stay for now
Don’t turn away
Different kind of love
Hard to figure out
But we are not cliche

Push away the past
Find love that lasts

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