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Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson

Slim Dusty

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Оригинален текст

Play me a song an old Slim Dusty song, singer from Down Under, Australia’s his name.
Play me a song an old Slim Dusty song when the rain tumbles down in July.

Verse 1
Ropin' saddle blues, the old rocking horse, man from Snowy River, rough riders of course.
The man who steadies the lead, leave him in a long yard today, plains of Peppimenarti, a pub with no beer, good old country style.


Verse 2
By the fire of gidgee coals, flying doctors ball, Humpty do waltz ,dinosaur, songs that my dad played to me old rough ridin’ days, trucks, tarps and trailers, dogs, dust and diesel, the world’s last truck driving man


There’s a rainbow over the rock, he stopped looking forward he’s not looking back, he took the glory bound train, he took the glory bound train
Slim rode the glory bound train, yes, Slim rode that glory bound train.

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