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C 21

C 21

Must Go On

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

I see no picture of you, no
We never ended this right, so
Now I´m back and on time
Strong enough to keep you in mind

How could I miss such beautiful lips
When I can´t deny just a look in your eyes
Takes me higher than high
I just realize

Time is passing by
I tremble as I try
To tell you why
I´m so confused
And it has to turn out right

Just one minute of your time give me
Just one hour I can never let you be
Must go on like a heart with a beat
If you believe in me
I always wanna be

Imagine roses frozen but alive
So sad I wonder could you be mine
I´m drawing xx.´s ´cause I can´t write
It feels like snow in July

When I can`t reply to a question it`s you
I´m awake all night, can´t sleep ´'cause it´s you
There`s nothing left for me to hide
You beat up my world inside

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