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Babe Patrol

Babe Patrol

Is This Too Punk

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Оригинален текст

Well don’t you just have your life together. Your way’s the right way nobody else knows any better, You think you’re just so f*cking perfect.. but who the hell could put up with all your bullshit.. not me..

I don’t know what to say
You take it out on me
You and all your frustration your anger controlling every situation never understanding people.. listen what they say.

You have crossed the a line
You’re wasting precious time
Your making me decide
and I don’t wanna lie

So (whoa)
You’ve making a mistake (whoa)
You’re friends are f*cking fake (whoa)
Believe me when I say this to your face
I mean it there’s no f*cking way
You really did it now
You make me deny a connection
You’re a blistered infection on my brain
On my brain ….. ahhhhh

Текстът е добавен от trendafilov503

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