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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

get to know yourself first
embrace your own heart
and then love me, she said
we are all alone on this path
in the game called life
she said find yourself before you try to find me
don`t break
don`t my heart
don`t be hurt
there is a reason for everything
don`t search for someone responsible
don`t ask, don`t ask my heart don`t ask
the truth of the matter is that you would know
that there are no losers in love
my tears secretly fall inside of me
i can only be quiet to your rightful absence
she said we`re alone on this path
in this dream called life
aaaahh whatever you do, don`t leave
love captive to time... aahhhh

участва в албуми: Авеню - Авеню (2002)

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