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Goddess of the dance floor

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I forgot how to be myself Read now

Оригинален текст

Put my best dress on and go
This night my eyes are all aglow
It’s time to begin
You know what I mean
Following the beat our souls will meet

In your gaze your silly plan
So go and catch me if you can
My heart is on fire
I feel the desire
That’s what I wanna be
That’s the real me


That’s what I am
Now you can see me dancing
That’s what I can
I can drive you crazy
Nothing can stop me tonight
(I am, I am)
The Goddess of the dance floor

Be yourself and ease your mind
Cause here with me you can unwind
Just follow your heart
Stop playing a part
If you’re feeling right
Make it last all night

Bring your passion to the floor
Tease and make me ask for more
Can you take me higher
Feel the desire
That’s what I wanna be
That’s the real me

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