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Оригинален текст

In my life,
I'll always need you next to me,
But sometimes I feel something isn't okay,
Several times you do not dare to face me.
You pushes away me without explanations.
Tears flood my cheeks but you are already far.

And there I wonder if everything is not finished.
If all that we lived in been of use to something.
But I do not have to fool myself.
You left and it is the death which waits for me.

I call you far off but you do not answer.
As if I was a foreigner.
You do not ignore my feelings.
On the contrary, you play with.
I remain alone, asking me for what you make.
But I do not have to fool myself.
Everything is finished and kept silent already left.


The suffering is finished.
Of above I see you and I smells me shameful to have believed in you.
You made fun well of me.
But know that there where I am.
Everything is even more magnificent than what you have me so-called offered.
But I does not lie any more.
Everything is finished and kept silent knows him

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