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4 Heures

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Оригинален текст

I wait for you at night.
The sun is recently raised.
When I think of all the sleepy couples.
That reminds me we.
But it is so sad.
Yesterday even, we squeezed up mutually.
And we were happy.
Now it is finished.
Do you think only several times of me?

Now, I want nothing more.
You who gave everything to me.
But now it is finished.
It is 4 am and I always wait.
I do not know any more for what I expect from you.
A call, a message or a simple sign of life.
But you still ignore me and I discourage.
It is 4 am and I always wait.

I wait for you in the black.
This house seems very empty without you.
Remember, when you called me at night.
Do not leave me.
It is nothing to know you somewhere else.
I want you near me.
Can you give me more?

Refrain x2

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